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Our Schiffers Haar Clip-ins are the perfect choice for a fast change of your look and style. The hair is 100% natural humain hair, with best European Remy hair quality, with intact cuticles.

The silky smooth feeling on your fingertips and the ease when combing proves the high quality class of our hair extensions. They don't get knotted, don't lose their brilliance and are easy to be maintained with the right haircare products. This is what cannot be achieved with all the usual Indian or Chinese real hair extensions. The colors and the fantastic brilliance of our clip-ins allow you to combine different colors perfectly and withit you can achieve all natural and beautiful look. You can also change the color tone of our extensions if wished so (darker, golden or red tinting), even permanent wave is possible*. Compared to other competitive products ours don't thin out at the length and ends, because they've been drawn twice and thus you need less clip-ins to achieve the right fullness without having that typical ripped out and stringy, lank hair look. The clipping points remain unseen and withit you can make an updo or even more complicated headdresses.

Composition:Each and every clip-in bonding weighs appr. 20 Gramm and has been produce in 6A grade. Weight  may vary according to hair length.

Directions of use: If your goal is a fast change and volume in your styling, depending on your own hair strength, you may use 2 up to 4 clip-ins. For a complete change in volume and length we recommend 6 clip-ins. If you have a bulky hair our recommendation would be to use even up to 8 clip-ins. If mixing different colors choose your colors accordingly to the color of the top layer of your own hair and the neck. We guarantee at least 1 year of excellent quality of our hair products even when used all the time, if treated carefully and with the appropriate products.

* We do not accept guarantee requests if our hair products are being treated by non-professionals, overheated etc.


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