Schiffers Haar
Guerzenichstr. 34 Cologne, NRW 50667
+49 221 2570889 contact [AT] schiffershaar [DOT] de J.Schiffers Haar GmbH

When using extensions we consider not only the extensions themselves, but also your look overall! Regardless if classic or modern, together with our customer we're looking for the perfect look resp. makeover. We're paying attention also to features like face form, skin tone, even the color of the eyes- only this way is possible to achieve the WOW effect. We're glad to follow the newest trends and styles, they are really easer to have with extensions. We make it possible by using the most gentle methods according to hairtype and scalp sensitivity. Furthermore, with our high quality extensions you can prevent becoming split ends and broken hair, since the extensions are a protection for your own hair against mechanical hazards.

There are two methods using extensions- durable (f.e. using warmth, tapes, microrings) and non-durable,temporary (Clip-in Laces). Using both methods methods our goal is you to  have the perfect haircut so that there is no visible difference between your hair and the extensions. Choosing and mixing the right colors, the right volume and length is a must, that is how we're different from the others, unsing our sense for style and taste. There are many bad made extensions to be seen nowadays. Most of the reasons are the usage of bad hair quality extensions or their bad implementation, or too less volume.

Hair bulking is bringing more volume into the hair. Using extensions this way is very appropriate for customers with very fine hair resp. with thin lengths and ends. With our high quality extensions thin hair doesn't get split ends or broken, because also here the extensions are a protection for the own hair.

Both durable and non-durable techniques are appliable just like when getting your hair longer. Even if your wish is only more volume, you can bring in life into your hair color without dyes, or even have a makeover.


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